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Randi Mager: Beauty

Randi Mager was born and raised in the beauty industry with her family owning a hair salon in her home town. After cosmetology school she started modeling and began to develop a passion for skin care and makeup. She then went back to school in Tampa, FL to study and obtained her Esthetician License. While in Tampa, she worked at 2 of the top spa’s in the area that focused on healthy beauty and naturally derived products. She loves to educate her network on how to obtain beautiful balanced skin in a natural way from the inside out. Randi currently offers skin care consultations and makeup lessons, as well as event makeup for your wedding, photographs or any special occasion.

Check out her favorite products below or click here to set up a beauty hour with Randi!

Sanitas Vita C Serum

Skin Care: Vita C Serum
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Sanitas Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Skin Care: Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
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Sanitas Lemon Cream Cleanser

Skin Care: Lemon Cream Cleanser
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Sanitas Solar Block

Skin Care: Solar Block
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Sanitas Brightening Peel Pads

Skin Care: Brightening Peel Pads
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LimeLife Skin Care: Collections

Skin Care: Collections
8 Products / $36.00 – $114.00

LimeLife Skin Care: Cleansers

Skin Care: Cleansers
4 Products / $26.00 – $48.00

LimeLife Skin Care: Masks

Skin Care: Masks
2 Products / $42.00

LimeLife Skin Care: Boosters

Skin Care: Boosters
8 Products / $10.00 – $86.00

LimeLife Skin Care: Moisturizers

Skin Care: Moisturizers
3 Products / $26.00 – $32.00

LimeLife Skin Care: Body

Skin Care: Body
8 Products / $12.00 – $38.00

LimeLife Makeup: Complexion

Makeup: Complexion
11 Products / $24.00 – $88.00

LimeLife Makeup: Eyes

Makeup: Eyes
8 Products / $14.00 – $198.00

LimeLife Makeup: Lips

Makeup: Lips
4 Products / $18.00 – $22.00

LimeLife Makeup: Palettes

Makeup: Palettes
11 Products / $48.00 – $198.00

LimeLife Makeup: Collections

Makeup: Palettes
9 Products / $68.00 – $862.00